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The feedback from users of our studies and trade fair visitors shows clearly that the new mego   - back part impresses especially when sitting:

- In tests it was observed how user is more upright, moves more, uses seat control in a targeted way and is more mobile in the upper body 

- During the trial period with mego I had little back pain, which is certainly due to this new type of dynamic sitting  

- What I like most is that I could move the upper body without care assistance

- Compact and beautiful design, meanwhile a lot has happened 

- Unlike a massage chair, very pleasant this fine movement 

- Amazing is this soothing effect from the seat movement 

- This is the most innovative product of this trade fair 

- Is the seat available without wheelchair ?

- A huge thing with good detail solutions  

- I have to recommend this product

- A great smile when getting up

- I really could stay longer in it

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