Main Results of the Pilot Study from a Scientific Perspective

The aim of the present study, headed by the Zurich University of Applied Sciences ZHAW, was to examine the effect of the new, dynamic seat shell / back part (mego) on health, everyday life and satisfaction and to make recommendations. Two wheelchair users took part, the conventional and the dynamic seat supply in the wheelchair were each tested twice with a maximum of 16 weeks. The used measuring instruments were pressure measuring mats, the Wolf motor function test, the AMPS test (everyday activities), the pain diary "catch my pain" and a practical questionnaire, which showed the following results:


It has a positive influence on pressure distribution, pressure points and contact areas. A regular change of position of the backrest can be interpreted as a decubitus prophylaxis. In particular, the independent transfer without the support of nursing staff or family members is a great advantage for those affected.


According to the pain diary, no pain was caused, and it could even reduce pain.


Significantly increased hand strength and better quality of everyday tasks (brushing teeth) of the user while seated in the dynamic seat shell.


No improvement in the range of movement of upper extremities.


Movement program of the backrest felt pleasant.


The user sees advantages in terms of practicality, satisfaction, booth indoor and outdoor use and it has a solid appearance.


In order to confirm the effect of the dynamic back part, further studies with higher number of cases were indicated and found satisfactory. See also here.

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